Cageless Boarding & Training That Feels Like Home

Welcome to Rover’s Ranch Home! We are a family-owned cage-less boarding and training business near Sierra Vista, Arizona looking forward to meeting your canine companion and making him feel “at home.” Why choose us? Well, for starters, boarding can be sometimes stressful in a kennel environment or at a vet’s office! We are here to provide an alternate choice other than the kennel, pet sitter or vet’s office. Our main goal is to make your pal’s stay feel just like home! Our home is full of many amenities dogs love. How do we know? Well, we asked them!Rover's Ranch Home

Dogs told us they would love a cage-less environment with lots of space to romp around, toys, soft beds and lots of love and attention so they’ll have loads of fun and won’t miss their pet parents too much during their stay. They also told us that one of the things they hate the most is having their schedules disrupted. No need to worry, Rover! We will try our best to let you potty every morning at 5 AM if that is your normal potty time and we will feed you at the same time you are fed at home, so you won’t get too hungry!Rover's Ranch Home 2

We highly recommend navigating our website so you can see the great amenities we offer. Remember to check often, as we’re planning to add more. We don’t want to make your dog’s stay here an ordinary stay, but an extraordinary one, so your pooch will be eager to come see us again and again! So feel free to visit our pages, and don’t forget to ask Rover’s opinion about our place; we’re sure if he could talk, he would choose a comfy place that feels just like home!



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